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Fossington (3ft Mini Tree + 60pc Ornament Set)

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Jurassic Joy: A Festive Roar from the Prehistoric Shore

Journey to a Christmas past, where dinosaurs roam and festive lights glisten in vibrant hues. This premium mini-tree set is a celebration of ancient wonders and modern festivities, ensuring your holiday setting stands out with a prehistoric charm.


🦖 Vibrant 3ft Purple Artificial Tree: Pre-Lit and glowing with a dynamic radiance.

🌍 Dino-inspired Decor: With approximately 60 ornaments, ranging from textured globes in rainbow shades to scratch-off dino silhouettes and mini terrarium bulbs, every piece radiates a touch of the Jurassic era.

❄️ Simple Setup: Dive straight into the celebrations. With organized, numbered bags and clear instructions, recreating the tree from the image is a breeze.

🍃 Earthy Elegance: An herbivore-inspired garland of leaves weaves a trail around your tree, adding a touch of nature's bounty.

🔮 DIY Delight: Personalize your tree with the DIY scratch-off dinosaur silhouettes, fostering creativity and festive cheer.

🎁 T-Rex Toy Topper: Crown your tree with a T-Rex toy wrapped in a vibrant mesh bow, ensuring your tree is both playful and chic.

Versatile Keepsakes: Beyond the festive season, these unique ornaments transition into toys, crafts, or mementos, ensuring year-round fun and memories.

Experience a holiday season that's both timeless and timely with this dinosaur-themed tree set.

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