Welcome to Cranberry Frog: Simplifying Your Festive Celebrations!

Struggling to get your holiday decorations just right? We've been there! Based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, Cranberry Frog was hatched in 2020 with a single goal: to make holiday decorating stress-free and joyful. Why fret over how many ornaments to buy or where to hang them when we've got you covered?

Think of us as the "LEGOs of Christmas Trees". Our kits come complete with a pre-lit 3ft mini tree and detailed instructions, ensuring your holiday centerpiece looks straight out of a magazine. Our success during the Christmas season has led us to branch out, offering decor for various other cherished holidays.

We're more than just a brand; we're a movement. A movement pushing for more celebration and less hesitation. Dive in and let Cranberry Frog handle the decorating. For inquiries, drop us a note or chat with us directly on our site.