Christmas tree styling is an art, not a science – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t helpful hints to give you the designer tree of your dreams.

Follow Our Lead

Let’s be real: You absolutely could rip open your bags of ornaments and toss them onto the tree with abandon – and still, your tree would look beautiful. But if you want the type of tree that will make your neighbors say “how?” it’s best to follow the instructions.

Zig and Zag

Place ornaments one at a time in a zig-zag pattern down the tree. If similar ornaments end up too close together, it’ll make your tree look unfinished.

Go Deep

Don’t be afraid of the deeper branches. You may be concerned that putting ornaments closer to the tree trunk will hide them, but it will actually make your tree look more full and bountiful.

Take a Step Back

Periodically step back and take in your tree. Not only will it make you feel good to see your progress, but you can make any tweaks or fill in any gaps as you go.

No Bare Branches

Make sure to evenly distribute ornaments, and not just through the center of the tree. Don’t forget about the very bottom and very top branches, too!

360° Decor

Even if your tree is deep in a corner, be sure to add ornaments to all angles. When the lights reflect off of the ornaments behind the tree, it will create a shimmer that you can see across the room.

Save Special Ornaments For Eye Level 

If you have heirloom or homemade ornaments, they’ll fit in perfectly with your Cranberry Frog styling set. Add special ornaments last, so that they get the prime spots right at eye-level for everyone to see.

Top It Off

Before you add your topper, wrap the bow around your tree’s tallest branch. Once the topper is nestled above the bow, fluff the ribbon up so that it hides the base of the topper. If you like a more finished look, hide the tails of the ribbon in between branches - it will look like the topper grew right out of the tree!

Don't Worry, Be Merry

The holidays aren’t about getting everything “right,” they’re about making memories with the ones you love. No matter how you style your tree, it will look beautiful and unique – just like your family. Remember to enjoy the experience!


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