Christmas lights give your tree depth, reflection, and a charming twinkle. If you’re looking to get your full-size tree lit, start with these simple tips.

Test Your Twinkle

While stringing lights on your tree is fun, you don’t want to do it twice before the big day. Before you get glowing, plug in and test all of your lights to be sure that they work.


Play Favorites

Before you start styling, look all around your tree: Is there a side that speaks to you? Give that angle the best view of the room, being sure to leave enough space to walk (and decorate!) all around it.

Fluff It Up

If you’re using an artificial tree, fluff up the branches before you start lighting. Pull each branch up and away from the base, spreading apart each section to give your tree volume.

Blend Your Bulbs

Christmas lights come in either green or white, and you’ll want to pick whichever one matches your tree. The better the wires blend in, the more your tree will glow.

360° Shine

If you’re placing your tree in a corner, it’s tempting to give the back a little less love. But make sure you evenly distribute lights all around, so that the ornaments can catch light from every angle - it will look like your entire tree is lit from within. Worth it!


You want your lights to nestle perfectly into your tree, so weave them over and under branches to keep them secure.

Inside and Out

Move some of the lights closer to the stem of the tree, and pull others out towards the end of the branches (making sure that they’re still secure). This zig-zag will create depth, making your tree appear bigger and brighter.

Now your tree is ready to glow! See the instructions included in your kit for how to add ornaments to your twinkling tree.

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